Top Logo Design Tips from the Pros

Logo Design Tips from the Pros

A great logo design takes a lot you need to take care of. It needs skills, creative mind and skillful application. As logo design specialist David Airey says ‘when we look at something, we see shape and colors first instead of reading and if that’s good enough to capture our attention, then we read’. So, in every case, regardless of company’s size, the small yet essential element for branding is the Logo.

Being logo designer, your job is to refine essence of brand into shape and color that’s most likely to become a priceless asset for company. The logos of Nike, McDonald’s, Mercedes’ three-pointed star, and the Woolmark symbol – these are few high-profile examples. Do you want your logo to be a similar status as them?

Below are some tips to improve the quality of logo you create.

Lay the Foundation

Good thing about being designer is that you get to learn something with every new project. Each client is different, and want unique for their business. Ask your clients the right questions about their business such as – why are you here for? What your business is about? What makes the brand different among others? What are your business’ values? Stick to these general questions first, and they will lead to further questions about your client’s business.

Try Few Sketches

As a designer, recording your design ideas is very important. It helps you showcase your design ideas for clients to better visualize the outcome. With sketching, you can exactly put shapes where you want them. A digital device can also be used for this purpose.

Strive for Difference

Don’t go after the same typographic style or the same type of palette, instead do something unique. However, with so many similarities out there in market, this doesn’t make it any easy either. It takes a brave step to buck the trend. Avail this opportunity and attract clients by showing imagination and creativity in your portfolio.

Make it Simple

A simple logo helps better recognition of brand. When so many brands are competing for attention, you want to aim for an easy recall. You want a logo that is recognizable after just a quick glance. It is only possible with a simple logo design not an overly detailed design.

Symbols are not mandatory

Some of the famous logos are well-crafted type and have no symbols at all. Use symbols only to show something important in company. Make sure symbols in logo shouldn’t be a hindrance rather they should add value to make it more memorable.